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Travellers with Wi-Fi enabled laptops or PDAs can now enjoy wireless Internet access from any point of the T4/T4S terminal of the Madrid-Barajas airport.
The joint venture formed by KubiWireless, the Spanish company that is spearheading the deployment of a high-speed wireless Internet access network in Spain, Comunitel, global telecommunications services operator for the corporate sector, and Vodafone Spain, global leader in mobile communications, has announced the implementation of the Wi-Fi Internet access service in the new T4/T4S terminal of the Madrid-Barajas airport.

The launch of this service in the new terminal extends the coverage area included in the contract awarded by AENA to the joint venture through a tender for the provision and operation of a Wi-Fi Internet access service in the Madrid and Barcelona airports, where this service has been operational since July 2005.

With the launch of the Wi-Fi service in the T4/T4S, offering an annual capacity of 30 million passengers and placing Barajas as the third European airport by traffic, the new terminal is the first in Spain to become fully Wi-Fi covered. Travellers can now have wireless Internet access from any point of the new terminal's two buildings, including restaurants, boarding areas, VIP lounges, as well as departure lounges and spaces after access controls.

Travellers will be offered three wireless Internet access options through an online purchase process: 30 linear minutes for 5 euros, 1 linear hour for 7.5 euros and 24 linear hours for 15 euros, excluding taxes.

In order to extend this service to the broadest number of travellers, the joint venture will make it available for telecom operators, which will be able to offer it to their subscribers. The existing agreements between KubiWireless and national (Vodafone and Comunitel) and international (including Orange, Portugal Telecom, Telia and iPass, among others) operators, as well any agreement that may be signed in the future, will enable these subscribers to easily enjoy this service through a charge in their monthly bill.