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ORANGE SPAIN to offer customers Wi-Fi access via KubiWireless Network

Orange Spain costumers and costumers of other companies of France Telecom Group will enjoy High Speed Wi-Fi Internet Access Service through Kubi?s hotspots due to the agreement signed by KubiWireless and France Telecom Group.

The agreement between KubiWireless and Orange Spain is part of the frame agreement signed by KubiWireless and France Telecom Group, which means France Telecom Group Companies to offer their customers Wi-Fi access through Kubi's 250 high traffic Wi-Fi hotspots. This frame agreement extends the agreement signed by KubiWireless and Orange France in 2004, due to which Orange France customers already use Kubi?s services while in Spain.

The new agreements are a milestone in KubiWireless' mission to enhance the mobility and productivity of business travellers through network interconnection. This mission has led the company to sign pioneering agreements with both domestic and international operators.