corporate information Services to HotSpots Services to Users Wireless Fidelity Press Press Release
23.04.13 El País Free Wi-Fi at spanish airports
07.01.11 Hostelmarket Wi-Fi at Hotels: beyond payment
07.06.07 Expansion
21.12.05 El Periódico de Cataluña WiFi at La Fira and Biblioteca de Cataluña
21.02.05 La Vanguardia KubiWireless. Aena's Contract for Airports
18.02.05 Expansion The Joint Venture of Vodafone wins Wi-Fi Service at Barajas Airport
18.02.05 Cinco Días Vodafone beats Telefonica in the main Wi-Fi contest
19.11.04 Redes & Telecom Kubi Wireless expands in Europe
29.10.04 Success of the wireless Internet journey in Barcelona
14.07.04 ComputerWorld Vincci Hoteles surrenders to Wi-Fi
31.05.04 CONNECT Wi-Fi gets to the stations
05.04.04 HORECO Areas with Internet access
24.03.04 Redes&Telecom Areas turns to KubiWireless to provide Wi-Fi
18.02.04 La Vanguardia Kubi leads wireless internet access
16.01.04 Cinco Días Vodafone to give Internet access to its clients through KubiWireless hotspots
28.11.03 Expansión Myths and realities of Wi-Fi technology
14.11.03 Cinco Días Wi-fi users give no importance to security
04.11.03 El País Enterprises and professionals enjoy the charm of Wi-Fi connection
13.10.03 La Vanguardia High speed Internet access in Barcelona Stock Market
22.09.03 El Nuevo Lunes Kubi Wireless
01.09.03 Connect The advantage is of Wi-Fi
01.09.03 Electrónica & Comunicaciones Wi-Fi gains ground
01.09.03 Capital The latest fashion: wireless "surfing"
06.08.03 DINERO "Connections grow by 22% each month"
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